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Elite Leadership Unlocked: Karan Rhodes on Navigating Challenges and Scaling Success
February 20, 2024
In this empowering episode of Design Your Life & Business, Jevon Wooden talks with Karan Rhodes, the visionary behind Shockingly Different Leadership. Dive into the secrets behind elite leadership, discover how personal values amplify your leadership journey, and unlock strategies for scaling your business to new heights.
In this episode of Design Your Life & Business - The Leaders Podcast, host Jevon Wooden is joined by Karan Rhodes, Founder and CEO of Shockingly Different Leadership.

Join them as they explore:

And much more!

Karan Rhodes is the Founder, CEO, CHRO, and Lead Organizational Strategist of Shockingly Different Leadership, a human capital professional services consultancy that provides organizations access to the best consulting expertise in the areas of Talent Development, Human Resources, Organizational Development and Change Management via an on-demand, project, or contract basis. Karan is also the host of the Lead at the Top of Your Game podcast and an author. 

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